Ghost Reader Digital Companion

Screenshot of The Ghost Reader Digital Companion

Along with Carol Stabile, I run Reanimate, an intersectional feminist publishing collective that recovers the writing of little-known women in media history. We’re excited to share that The Ghost Reader Digital Companion is now live!

The volume serves as a companion to The Ghost Reader: Recovering Women’s Contributions to Media Studies, 1930s-1950s Europe and North America, edited by Elena D. Hristova, Aimee-Marie Dorsten, and Carol A. Stabile (Goldsmiths University Press, 2024). We showcase extended excerpts of writing by the women featured in The Ghost Reader, bibliographies on their work, and pedagogical suggestions for teaching with The Ghost Reader.

We’re particularly excited about this new release because the entire motivation for Reanimate was the challenges of publishing writing by little-known women. Read more about it in our series editors’ introduction.

The Ghost Reader Digital Companion is also an invitation to join us in recovering more writers. If you’ve been doing research and want to add primary sources or bibliographies, we’d love to talk to you. (So we can make sure that we can obtain permissions or clear the publication rights.) If you teach with The Ghost Reader and want to share classroom activities or teaching insights, we’d love to include them too. Just reach out to me and Carol!

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