On Disruption, Race, and the Digital Humanities

What follows is a position paper for the panel “Disrupting the Digital Humanities” at the 2015 Modern Language Association Convention in Vancouver. The panel is scheduled for Saturday, January 10th from 8:30-9:45am in 16 Vancouver Convention Center East. My goal here is to offer a meditation on the limits and possibilities of “disruption” for race … Continue reading

The Race for Digitality

I had the pleasure of giving my talk “The Race for Digitality: Connectivity as Diasporic Identity” at African Diaspora 2.0. Here’s an excerpt on race in digital humanities. … I want to begin at the junction of disciplinary knowledge and technical know-how, where tensions emerge between digital humanities and African diaspora studies. If we are to … Continue reading

In Defense of Learning Outcomes

This is the first post in a series of irregular blog posts based on my experience working at a teaching-intensive institution. I’m celebrating an anniversary. A year ago, I met learning outcomes. These (sometimes not-so) pithy statements have been making their way onto syllabi, bloating them beyond recognition. It was, as one might say, love … Continue reading

A Love Letter to Twitter

Thank you to my Twitter interlocutors this morning for feedback on this post during my internal debate over it and for sharing your own experiences. Thanks also for conversations yesterday about social media and academic freedom.  In 2009, while still a graduate student, I was asked to speak at my department’s new student orientation and … Continue reading

Peer Review and Digital Scholarship

Yesterday, I gave a talk for Emory University’s Center for Faculty Development and Excellence at an event called “Scholarly Writing in the Digital Milieu.” Since my slides seemed to strike a chord when I shared them, I thought I’d post the talk itself. The talk is based on an article I wrote for a journal … Continue reading

Coding in Global Englishes

My colleagues Adeline Koh of Richard Stockton College, Amit Ray of Rochester Institute of Technology, and I were thrilled by the invitation to host a week of the Critical Code Studies Working Group 2014 in March. We chose to focus on what a postcolonial critical code studies might look like. Thanks to Mark Marino, Jeremy … Continue reading

(Ac)Counting in the Corporate University

Last week, I had the privilege of making a guest appearance over Skype in two history classes at Elizabeth City State University. There, I spoke with introductory and capstone courses about my work in the postcolonial digital humanities and the relationship between history and literature in postcolonial studies. At the request of the professors, I … Continue reading

Highlight a Woman

This month, I was honored to be featured in a Q&A for the Student Affairs Women Tech Talk “Highlight a Woman” series. The wonderful women at Student Affairs Women Tech Talk share a passion for technology, and their site serves as a forum for student affairs professionals in technology. Even though I’m not in student … Continue reading

#dhpoco @ MLA

Update, July 11: Our roundtable is scheduled for Sunday, January 12, 2014, from 8:30-9:45am. We have also been included in the presidential theme: Vulnerable Times. Update, May 31: This roundtable has been accepted for inclusion at the 2014 MLA Convention in Chicago, which takes place January 9-12, 2014. Postcolonial Digital Humanities has proposed a roundtable … Continue reading