CFP: Queered by Capital: Rethinking Globalization and Temporality

My colleague Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli and I are organizing a seminar at the 2014 ACLA Annual Meeting in New York (March 20-23, 2014). Please circulate our call to anyone who may be interested in joining us for a robust conversation at the intersections of postcolonial and queer theory. 

CFP: Queered by Capital: Rethinking Globalization and Temporality

Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli (Emory U)
Roopika Risam (Salem State U)

Questions of temporality have preoccupied postcolonial studies, from how we periodize the “postcolonial” as Kwame Anthony Appiah raises, to how we perceive time in relationship to persistent colonial structures as Ann Laura Stoler proposes, to Dipesh Chakrabarty’s prescription to reconsider the relationship between time and linear histories.

Similarly, the relationship among pasts, presents, and futures is at the heart of queer theory, from Carolyn Dinshaw, Jonathan Goldberg and Madhavi Menon’s work in medieval and early modern texts to Judith Halberstam, Roderick Ferguson, and Lee Edelman’s scholarship on modern and contemporary representations of sexuality. Some have argued against othering the past as radical alterity, others have shown that queerness provides a register of affective contact with other nodes of temporality, and some have even argued that the negativity of queerness itself deconstructs the very trope of turning time into history.

While postcolonial studies foregrounds relationships between capitalism, globalization, and temporality, queer studies has taken an affective turn. Yet, productive possibilities have appeared at the intersection of the two, such as Jasbir Puar’s critiques of the collaboration of gay rights discourse and consumerism with United States nationalism. This seminar will probe such possibilities, bringing postcolonial and queer theory together to examine how temporality theorizes, implicates, and critiques the workings of capital.

Topics may include:

– The relationship between narration and postcolonial and queer temporalities

– Capital’s relationship to sexuality and temporality in postcolonial spaces

– Queer theory’s (often unacknowledged) debt to postcolonial studies

– Comparativism and temporality

– Historicism, postcolonial histories and queerness

Keywords: Capital, temporality, globalization, queer, postcolonial, sexuality

To submit an abstract for the seminar, please visit the ACLA portal here:

For questions, please contact Roopika Risam at rrisam [at] salemstate [dot] edu or Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli at astalsb [at] emory [dot] edu. 

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